How far ahead do I need to order my bento?

We highly recommend you place your order as soon as you know you want it, even weeks in advance. We have a fixed number of bento that we make every day. If we get a large catering order the entire day’s supply can be sold instantly. Many components of the bento have to be made days ahead, so we cannot make extra bento if we sell out early.

How many bento can I order at once?

For same day orders, you can order up to 8 bento via our online ordering system to be picked up at once, assuming they are still available at the time you place your order. If the website does not show availability we cannot make more than the stated inventory. If you want to place a large order more than one day ahead, please
email us.

Can I make substitutions to my bento?

We are sorry, but we cannot make alterations or substitutions to bento. We have a production schedule with exact quantities of each component of the bento for the day and for the week. If we use an extra piece of something for a substitution, we would have another bento that was missing that component.

What times can bento be picked up?

Bento pickup is every half hour from 11:30 to 3 pm. Each batch of bento components is coordinated to be complete and fresh at 30-minute intervals, so there are no pickups in between those pickup times.