How far ahead do I need to order my bento?

We highly recommend you place your order as soon as you know you want it, even weeks in advance. We have a fixed number of bento that we make every day. If we get a large catering order the entire day’s supply can be sold instantly. Many components of the bento have to be made days ahead, so we cannot make extra bento if we sell out early.

How many bento can I order at once?

You can order up to 6 bento using the RESY link. For orders of more than six bento please email us to place your order. For larger orders, alternate pickup times and local delivery may be available.

Can I make substitutions to my bento?

We are sorry, but we cannot make alterations or substitutions to bento. We have a production schedule with exact quantities of each component of the bento for the day and for the week. If we use an extra piece of something for a substitution, we would have another bento that was missing that component.

What times can bento be picked up?

All bento boxes are currently only available to pickup at 12pm and 1:30pm. For orders larger than 6 bento alternate pickup times may be possible. Please use the contact form for any special order inquiries.

Is there somewhere to eat the bento on site?

Due to the fact that we make more bento than we have seats, all orders are made to be taken away, but there are plentiful tables and outdoor seating areas at ROW where you can enjoy your bento. Part of the reason we decided on a takeout concept at lunch was to take advantage of the outdoor peace and serenity that ROW has to offer. Eating a bento in the shade under the big tree at the end of our building is a wonderful way to escape the commotion of DTLA.

How long will the bento keep for after pickup?

We go to great lengths to make sure that each component our bento its served at the peak of its flavor. If we were willing to let orders sit for even fifteen minutes before we handed them to our customers we could probably double our production, but it is important to us to serve you our product in as near perfect condition as we are capable. That said, in our opinion, if something doesn’t taste good thirty minutes or even an hour after pickup it doesn’t belong in a bento. We select what goes into our bento with consideration that it may not be eaten due to transport time. Our recommendation is that if guests are trying to gauge our skill or the precision of our cooking it is best to eat each bento immediately after pickup. If you are purchasing as a gift or need to take your bento somewhere, we are highly confident that it will still be delicious once you get to your destination.

Where can I park?

We offer two hours of convenient free parking in the ROW DTLA parking structure with validation. Please access Hayato by entering ROW on Bay Street from Alameda (between 7th and 8th Streets), park in the ROW structure and walk to building M2. Please be aware that Google and other online directions to access Hayato may be misleading.