Hayato is about creating a personal connection and dining experience that is as intimate as possible.

This restaurant has been designed to make it feel like you are coming into our home for the evening. Dinner is served by the chefs themselves, at one of eight counter seats in front of an open kitchen.

For guests who prefer more privacy, we have a single table in a private tatami seating area available by special request.

Our nightly omakase menu consists of approximately ten dishes focused on the best fresh seafood that is available to us.

We contrast flavors and textures by using all Japanese cooking techniques - frying, grilling, steaming, simmering, and sashimi.

There will be cold dishes, hot dishes, soups and rice.

Although ten courses may seem like a lot, it is our priority to make everything as clean and light as possible. We want you to feel good when you leave at the end of the meal.

Dinner usually lasts about two and a half hours, but you are welcome to ask us to speed things up or slow them down as you prefer.


We are not just here to cook.

We are here to answer any questions you have about the food, to remove any mystery surrounding Japanese cuisine, to discuss sake and wine, and to do anything else we can do to make you feel at home. None of us were born knowing all the intricacies of Japanese food, and we strive to make people feel comfortable about making conversation with us if they choose to do so.